Whether it be a new software package deployment or a complete network redesign, Next Level Technologies has the knowledge and experience to ensure your next IT project is efficiently managed, deployed and supported. All of our projects go through our six step process to ensure a successful project outcome:
1 - Assessment
During the Assessment Phase we will come to your location for an initial consultation. During this consultation we will assess your current infrastructure as well as discuss your needs and business goals. It's important that we not only understand your current needs but your needs over the next few years as well.
2 - Design and Scope of Work
Next is the Design Phase. In this phase two different engineers will work together to determine what changes will need to be made to the existing infrastructure to meet the goals and needs outlined in the Assessment Phase. After determining those changes they will design options to implement those changes. The options designed will then have exact cost on all software and equipment determined as well as estimated labor cost. You will then be presented with a detailed explanation and cost estimate of the options we determined would fulfill your needs. The option you select will determine the Scope of Work to be performed.
3 - Organization
In the Organization Phase we will take the Scope of Work outlined in the previous phase and develop a Project Plan. This plan will include the steps needed to implement the Scope of Work and a schedule for implementation. We will work closely with you to minimize the amount of impact to users and plan for any training that may be needed for the users relating to the project.
4 - Implement
During the Implementation Phase we will follow all steps outlined in the Project Plan. The two goals common to all projects is that this phase is performed accurately and on schedule. After all work is done a second engineer goes over all settings related to the project to ensure the project was implemented as the Project Plan called for.
5 - Train
During this phase we will train On-Site IT staff and employees on any changes that have taken place relating to this project. This phase involves many steps. It includes documentation of what has changed to you. This phase also includes training your IT staff on changes to the network on where support can be found in regards to the new systems. Lastly it involves training your employees to use the new systems and supplying training tools such as printed walkthroughs to help with any transition.
6 - Maintenance and Support
This last phase is the continued maintenance and support of your new systems. We provide unparalleled enterprise level support through our monthly support contracts. You can even include unlimited phone support in these contracts to lock down your yearly IT cost and provide peace of mind for your users.