Next Level Technologies, L.L.C. specializes in the installation and maintenance of computer network infrastructures. Since the company’s inception in 2000, we have devoted ourselves to developing high end technology solutions for home networks and small businesses. We currently service the Chicago and Phoenix Metropolitan areas. Our solutions emphasize increased productivity and functionality by expanding upon current technologies and altering them to fit your individual needs. We specialize in complete managed technology services that allow our clients to experience the full benefit of a proactively managed network infrastructure. The world of technology is ever changing and Next Level Technologies is constantly discovering and implementing new technologies to keep up with the pace.

With Next Level Technologies, a single support specialist will be your sole point of contact for all of your company’s technological needs. This specialist will quickly become familiar with your network. They will discover and report any improvements your infrastructure may benefit from, anticipate your company’s technology needs and efficiently resolve any issues. This specialized approach allows you to receive personalized support that cannot be attained with larger managed service companies.
In recent years the landscape of infrastructure has become quite expanive with both private and public cloud offeerings. We have expereince with helping companies navigate this new world of technology and making the best use of these offerings for your busines to both help save money and increase productivity.
At Next Level Technologies we find proactive infrastructure management and monitoring to be the very best way to anticipate upcoming issues and keep your network running at peak performance. This ensures your investment in technology continues to provide its intended benefits and significantly reduces the amount of downtime your network experiences, putting technology to work for you instead of you working to fund your technology.
We offer all companies a FREE Network Assessment. During the Network Assessment your current infrastructure will be evaluated to allow the creation of a detailed report explaining any improvements that should be made to your network to increase security, speed and reliability. However we do not stop there. If you can dream it, Next Level Technologies can help implement it!

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